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The Benefits


the benefits of yoga?

If you are new to yoga, or have tried it before and just not ‘got it’, you might well be wondering what yoga has that other forms of exercise don’t have? I mean, surely it’s just moving and breathing - a mixture of gym, fitness classes and pilates would do the same thing right?

The reason yoga teachings stand the test of time (thousands of years) is that they really get to the heart of the human condition. What keeps us stuck, what frees us, what calms us, how to live harmoniously with those around us, how to gain a new perspective on the same old problems that keep reappearing in different ways.

So many of us find ourselves so caught up in: our busy lives with an endless list of things to achieve; our minds with our stories about our self and others, our worries and comparisons with others; our patterns of learned behaviours, limiting beliefs and lack of belief in the goodness around us; that we don't recognise our own needs for happiness, contentment and freedom and if we do, we don't know how to access this.   

We forget that our true nature is inspired by simplicity - being in good and virtuous company, nature, stillness, movement, real connection, being heard, peace of mind and peace in the body.  Yoga reconnects us to our true nature, which is said to be "Satchidananda" - truth, consciousness and bliss.  

And just because one class didn’t work for you, doesn’t mean another won’t though. I teach a variety of different styles and teach them all very differently. And this is something I’ve found that less experienced students might find difficult to grasp. My restorative yoga classes are all about nurture, care, deep rest and lots of calm; my Jivamukti and Vinyasa classes are about energy and strength and philosophy and balance; my Beginners and Hatha classes are about taking our time opening and strengthening the body, lots of work with breathing and lots of calmness at the end.

Find out why regular students keep coming back to yoga classes, workshops and retreats, feel so good and go on to transform their lives.  See the Success Stories Page for reviews. 

Yoga can help you feel like YOU again!


It's pretty simple.  I'm here to help you.

If you feel anxious, or like you have no 'you' time, overwhelmed, unfit, flat, then I can definitely help because my journey and life experience has been just that.  Through yoga, coaching, mentoring and many other methodologies which first helped me and now which I incorporate into my teaching, I have found a way of teaching which has the intention to empower you to uncover the magic that is already within you.   

My skill is to work with people of all ages, shapes, sizes, abilities and to help them feel more calm, centred and grounded with yoga.  What's key for me is being able to build a relationship with students over time. On the surface it may seem to be about getting a better body, or perfecting a posture, however, over time it’s a much deeper enquiry into how you can be with yourself and in the world at any time and how yoga gives you so many tools from philosophy and lifestyle to physical, mental and emotional. 

I’m here to cheer you on if you are ready for the challenge. It’s said the hardest part of yoga is just showing up. Come to class and let the yoga do the rest.

But like everyone you meet, I'm honest enough to understand that my style may not suit everyone, which is why I offer you a free opportunity to work with me first so that we can both decide if it's a good fit.   

To get in touch my email is andy@svadhyaya-yoga.com.

“What is best about you that works?

  • A genuine interest in the people attending

  • A sense of humour and making us laugh

  • Pushing us, but also encouraging us

  • A holistic approach” .

    Gail, SW, 2019

Photograph by Laurence Edney,  4 Walls Management . 2018, Koh Samui, Thailand.

Photograph by Laurence Edney, 4 Walls Management. 2018, Koh Samui, Thailand.