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Success Stories

success stories

Photograph by Laurence Edney,  4 Walls Management , Koh Samui, Thailand, 2018.

Photograph by Laurence Edney, 4 Walls Management, Koh Samui, Thailand, 2018.

"I just wanted to say thank you for last night's class. Every class with you is amazing and I should send a thank you every week! But last night's was exceptional. This morning my back feels completely flat and square and my legs feel about 4" longer!!! I am walking tall and straight - even in my heels!! Thank you so much, and you have a great day xx" Sue, Radwinter, 2019

“So nice to collaborate - so much wonderful feedback about our little class at Soul Circus. Warms my heart!!!” Daniela Olds, Yoga Teacher, Soul Circus Festival 2019

“Your Kirtan was a highlight of their festival according to loads of people who joined you! Bloody well done!" Ella Wroath, Co-Founder of Soul Circus Festival, 2019

“Awww your Kirtan class was my fave thing of the whole festival! I literally smiled the whole way through. Thank you!" X-Hail UK, Soul Circus Festival, 2019

“I’ve been in the process for selling my business over the last year and it’s been so stressful. Constant back and forths with lawyers and to be honest - it’s been so hard. But coming to the Restore Yourself class each week I’m convinced has saved me. It’s kept me sane and given me a place to just relax and stop thinking about everything. Thank you so much.” Terry, Gt Sampford, 2019

“Thanks for another awesome class and for always looking after us all so well 🙏🙏❤️." Jess, Saffron Walden, 2019

“Andy just wanted to say thank you for your help in making me more flexible and fit! In Ireland still and yesterday I managed to climb 4/5th of this mountain!!!! Miraculous!!!! I have never walked further than a few levels in a car park!!” Vanessa, Radwinter, 2019

"Thank you Andy for a great workshop on Saturday. The reason for booking the workshop, is because I needed refocus to get back into my yoga practice, and just doing a couple of gentle stretches at the start of the class I realised how tight my muscles and mind were. There is a presence of calmness with you and you explain why we are doing everything- making it easier to understand the why’s! And honestly, I felt so relaxed for the rest of that day...thank you." Kellie F, Bishops Stortord, Rest, Restore, Relax workshop June 2019.

"I felt you were very explanative on all areas and extremely helpful. As a result of the workshop I have decided to try and give myself 10 mins or so a day for total quiet time for myself minimum." Kerry, Radwinter Rest, Restore, Relax Workshop June 2010

“Thank you so much Andy for everything you have given us this week and for creating the space and perfect conditions for us to understand the truth. We are forever grateful.” Julian. Malaga Retreat 2019

“Thank you so much for this week Andy. It’s been a fantastic experience. I loved the different practices, the atmosphere and the whole lot really. Your work and thought are very much appreciated.” Ali, Malaga Retreat 2019

“Andy thank you for a truly wonderful week of yoga, laughter, friendship and loveliness.” Lorraine, Malaga Retreat 2019

“Andy thank you so much for organising such a wonderful, enlightening, amazing retreat and for your care and attention to detail.” Jen, Malaga Retreat 2019

"I was really looking forward to the Rest, Restore, Relax workshop as I see how relaxed everyone looks after the restorative yoga class which is the class before mine! I was surprised during the writing exercise, that I had to put some thought into my life processes and how to improve/behave differently. This was a positive for me and I would have been happy to have spent more time on exploring this.

I enjoyed the physical movement part of the practice and part of me would have liked more, but it was perfect for most people so I'm happy with that ........perhaps it was good for me to slow down for a change - something for me to work on definitely.... A great workshop that has made me think about some changes I should make in my life. My daughter loved it and it has made her want to find time for yoga in her busy life as a mum... My friend who came along enjoyed it so much she is looking for somewhere in Nottingham that has classes and believe me that's quite something!" Rachel, Radwinter 2019

"I had only ever experienced Yoga Nidra after yoga sessions and in fact, I had planned to try lots of different classes but tried your restorative yoga class and was delighted with the effects.

I have a highly stressed lifestyle - fly weekly for work all over the world, high adrenalin job plus single parent. Generally always low energy, lots of juggling. This is basically the only “me time” at the moment I make space for. Love it. The effect is always like a reset - anxiety is reduced, calm returns. Literally is weekly stress reduction!" Carolyn, Saffron Walden 2019

“I had never done yoga before and was a complete beginner not knowing what to expect of restorative yoga classes. A part of me thought it might be old fogey / hippy / embarrassing!! In reality, each week the process has been good fun, relaxed, easy going and no pressure. The one best result from coming to this class regularly is finding calm.It’s been very useful. Tuesday evenings are so relaxed and calm. Everyone notices at home. Trying to use it more in daily life. Anyone suffering from modern life pressures needs this.” Julian, Radwinter 2019.

“So thoroughly enjoyed Friday’s Jivamukti class: - as always, inspiring philosophy and lovely asana - could not wish for more!” Hajni, Cambridge 2019

“I really didn’t know what to expect on Saturday at the Rest, Restore, Relax Workshop and was really quite uncertain about what to expect and a little uncertain. Only the night previous my friend who I came to the workshop with (who’s a regular vinyasa student of yours) and I were sitting talking and I was saying how at the moment I feel quite lost in myself and low in confidence so the workshop was just what I needed, just to be honest with myself, reflect and then to restore.

It has brought me self awareness, positivity, motivated and I seem to have more energy. So it has been the best thing in an awful long time, I am now searching out classes to do here at home, it’s a shame I don’t live any closer to Radwinter! Thanking you and hope that maybe I’ll be able to do another workshop of yours sometime.” Jane, Nottingham 2019 - Rest, Restore, Relax Workshop

“Having had a break from your beginners yoga classes, mostly due to work commitments, I came along to restorative in lieu of a beginners class. Although I was enjoying the beginners class, I realised after the first restorative class that it was what I needed. It is the only time I feel properly refreshed all week. I don't sleep particularly well and have a stressful deadline based job and I immediately noticed the benefit of restorative yoga. Coming to class each week, the atmosphere is fun and relaxed and the best result for me is consistently making space and enjoying an hour a week of feeling refreshed - and I use the breathing techniques at work when I find stress levels rising. If I miss a week, I notice the difference in how I feel more anxious.” Julie, Radwinter 2019

“I am still recovering from the effects of a stroke and I am also self employed with a stressful, deadline centric workload which was evidently impacting upon my health...  When we started I’d already taken a one-off workshop with you so had tested the water, so for weekly classes I had no reservations really... apart from a scepticism/ignorance of ‘new age’ type practices like yoga...which, happily, were quickly dispelled. The process has been extremely enjoyable and very educational... whereby I now earnestly look forward to our refreshing and healing ‘chill out’ on a Tuesday evening... It has become a vital part of my week now...

For me the best result has been learning about the correct breathing to relax oneself. I have my personal life and I practise the techniques when I feel the need. I keep coming back because the process has been so rewarding. I enjoy the soundtrack to the classes and the subcurrent of good humour present every week. In short, it’s fun! If I am are unable to attend for some reason, 
I feel that I’ve missed out and nascent stress levels seem to crank up a notch... it is really an effective release valve for alleviating any built up tensions brought on by modern life and simply trying to earn a crust...” Paul, Radwinter 2019

“I was conscious that I needed to work more on maintaining my body outside of the sport that I already do - core work is a big part of that. I'd tried a few other things that I didn't get on with or didn't fit around other arrangement/activities. I was at a time when I had started to explore some back issues with a physiotherapist too, so I needed to do something!  I've done some other yoga classes before with mixed outcomes - either too structured, too serious, too weird or I'd go away feeling I'd got little out of them. So much of yoga or similar is about the teacher and the classes, and it's hard to find a good class that ticks all the boxes. 

It's been fun! I've really enjoyed the atmosphere at classes that you create.  Injury-wise, I am managing my back injury and back cycling decent length rides again. I think the regular yoga has been a big help - so thank you! These last two reasons in particular are why I come back each week.” Matt, Saffron Walden 2019

“Ahimsa. Sanskrit word translating to non-violence. This is not meant to be a negative term, but should be practiced through the experience of compassion, kindness, empathy and unconditional love for all beings  ...much easier said then done...  I attended a workshop a couple of days ago at The Yoga Shed in Hitchin hosted by Andy Nathan where the focus was Ahimsa. I cannot begin to describe how powerful these emotions of compassion, kindness, empathy and unconditional love are. 

The intention of the workshop was to give us an insight into how it truly felt to experience these emotions without an egotistical story attached to them. Two days later, I still find myself tearing up, not through sadness but just at the power of being able to truly see and connect with another soul.   If anyone found this interesting and would like more information, feel free to drop me a message and we can have a chat.”  Roxanne, Hitchin 2019 (via Instagram) Ahimsa Jivamukti Workshop

“Spent this afternoon in a very physically and emotionally challenging yoga workshop focusing on Ahimsa ( non violence ) - With Andy Nathan at the Yoga Shed in Hitchin. I'm left with a lot of food for thought on how being more ahimsic can help others and myself be free , in the way I act / react and live my life . The workshop was bloody amazing. Everyone should practise yoga you know it may be the ancient tool we all need to help heal the world.” Deb, Hitchin 2019 Ahimsa Jivamukti Workshop

"I had done little by way of exercise and have a fairly sedentary career.  Everything was stiff, inflexible and in need of TLC. Initially I was concerned that I would be forced into over doing it and create more problems than we solved. However those preconceptions were proven to be inaccurate.  Working with you is brilliant. You do push me but give me loads of “options” so while I feel I am at the bottom of the class I get great encouragement from you, can do the easier options and join in.  Instead of being concerned about lessons I really look forward to going each week.  Wish I had discovered you a couple of years ago.

Everything is getting easier and I feel a lot more motivated.  I can now balance enough to put my socks on standing up instead of having to sit down.  A small thing but motivating to push on further.  I know it is doing me good, physically and mentally. I am excellent at the relaxation session at the end! Your easy manner that pushes me to just the right degree keeps me coming back." Greg, Saffron Walden 2019

"There is a secret at Mokshala Yoga that is almost too good to share; for those whose lives are stressful, or just for a total weekend “reset and recharge”, then Andy Nathan’s Saturday morning Restorative session is a joy. If you want to introduce a state of calm and peace into an otherwise frenetic life then look no further. It’s blissful! So thank you Andy for teaching these techniques and let’s be generous and share this news so that as many people as possible can benefit from the healing and life-enhancing properties of yoga." Susan, Saffron Walden 2019

“The Sound of Yoga Workshop (Cambridge Feb 19) ... I was chanting all the way to school ... and very loudly! I really appreciate the info you’ve sent. The content was so interesting and has really made me think, which is always a great thing. I love how much there is to learn with yoga - it’s an amazing mind, body, spirit school." Victoria, Bury St Edmunds, Feb 19

“The Sound of Yoga Workshop (Cambridge Feb 19) … I thought the session was very well balanced and interesting with a nice blend of information, demonstration and investigation of the various ways in which we can use sound to help deeply connect to ourselves and use it as a means to balance body and mind. I felt great after the session. Due to that awful virus I have hardly practiced at all over the last 10 days, and I thought I would really struggle after doing nothing, but I actually felt much better afterwards." Sam, Cambridge, Feb 19

“The hardest thing is starting - making the decision to try and committing to going! I don’t ever feel I don’t want to go - it is a disappointment when I can’t make it as attending class is something I do for me and my focus is on me! In the busyness of daily life it is too easy to forget to take time to breathe and centre myself (we all get so embroiled in work and daily demands). Yoga provides a space for mindfulness/contemplation/reflection, as well as a physical workout! It helps slow my mind down and I draw on this during the week!

I can’t believe I’m saying this but it is also fun!! :) You have a way of stretching us while making us laugh - a great gift to have! Practising yoga with you regularly has helped strengthen my back and that is also a good motivation to keep going.” Gail Saffron Walden, 2019

"Before I started yoga with Andy I never made time for yoga or mindfulness. I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere during class and we always have a little giggle. And I really enjoy the regular yoga practices " Amy, Saffron Walden, 2018

“I really look forward to the lessons and enjoy them each week. As a novice I enjoy the variety of movement as most weeks I am being shown new ones and am really benefitting from a full workout. My aim of working with you was twofold: strengthen and stretch my entire body to avoid some of the effects of age and workplace inertia. I also wanted to see if my recovery from weekend sporting or gardening exertions could be accelerated. In both case I have been very happily surprised." NS, Radwinter, 2018

“Before starting restorative yoga, I had been struggling with extreme anxiety which was making life very difficult. I had some reservations about starting the process and wondered if I would feel either embarrassed or if it would be of any help. I knew I had to be proactive if I intended to improve the situation. From the outset your very approachable nature and warm manner encouraged me. Always friendly and positive, encouraging each person to develop individual skills to get the most from the lessons. Although I still have difficult days, and can’t make events disappear I feel much better equipped to use breathing exercises in order to stay calmer and mindfulness exercises to develop a more positive attitude. I always look forward to our sessions of calm. There’s a great feeling at the end of a session.” Dave, Saffron Walden, 2018

"Earlier in my life I had done yoga and loved it.  Now I am older I have some arthritis  in my joints. Two years ago I had a hip replacement and I mentioned this when I contacted you in regard to joining your yoga class in my village. You helpfully advised me to wait until you started teaching restorative yoga which I did. I also have lower back pain occasionally and my joints are quite stiff! My only exercise is walking my dogs and Nordic Walking both of which I love.  My only reservation is that I might dislocate my hip but you reassured me beforehand that I could do it. 

Restorative Yoga has proved to be as good as I thought it would be. It is calming and stress reducing but also wonderful to stretch my body into a position and hold it for a length of time; something I was unaware I could do. You always check I am comfortable and If I am at all uncomfortable you gently adjust the props or my body into a better position.   Even though I am retired I am quite a busy person and I am naturally rather talkative!  It has done me good to be quiet and relax in beautiful surroundings with calming music. I enjoy all aspects of restorative yoga but I think I love the stretching best. I feel safe doing it with the props for support and your encouragement." Helen, Radwinter, 2018


"I had broken my foot and with problems with subsequent ligament damage had stopped all exercise except walking the dog. Spending too much time on the internet and the sofa feeling sorry for myself.  My reservations were that it would be too much just lying about and bit too new age hippy.  You have shown me to take time in a relaxing environment where it's ok to let your mind run while focusing on stretches that both relax and energise different parts of your body.  Then your mind does catch up and relax as well as your muscles. You are welcoming compassionate and funny. Just what my Friday mornings needed. I am finding it much easier to relax and enjoy aspects of my life by the classes you teach.   The osteopath said whatever you are doing at restorative yoga in line with the exercises I have set keep it up as your back and legs are much improved."   Lisa, Gt Chesterford, 2018

 "Before I started your yoga teaching I was very stressed with grief which was triggering anxiety and although I exercised I had never thought of combining meditation which is fantastic.  I had no reservations about working with you personally but my reservation was if the yoga wasn’t challenging and varied enough.   Working with you has been insightful, supportive and invigorating. I’ve learnt a lot and look forward to learning more. I find your teaching style reassuring, kind but professional, knowledgable and with new insights each time.  I’m so much fitter and able to take time for exercise that is also time for my mind." Steph, Radwinter, 2018


"I first met Andy Nathan back at the start of 2016. At that time, I was suffering considerably from complex PTSD. I was constantly stressed, anxious and plagued by a very poor and disturbed sleep pattern. Day after day I was haunted by images of traumatic incidents that I’d attended whilst working as a Police Officer. On my GP’s recommendation I looked to yoga as a way of aiding my recovery.

It was at Andy's first class when I knew that his method of teaching was exactly what I’d been searching for in my yoga practice. He was simply amazing and introduced me to one of the best Jivamukti classes I’ve ever experienced. In a nutshell, it was simply awesome, and I had absolutely no reservations from that moment on that we would be able to work together. I knew that he would be able to assist me to find the physical and mental wellbeing I wished to achieve. I just felt so completely at ease, safe and relaxed in his company. His practices are strong and focussed and each time I attend I improve just that little bit further but each session is always rounded off with a most restful and calming  Savasana.

His restorative classes incorporating pranayama further equipped me with a set of techniques I could utilise to control and alter my breathing. These have since enabled me to control my breath during moments of high anxiety, alleviate some of my other symptoms of PTSD and go some way to aiding a more restful nights sleep." Jane, Saffron Walden, 2018


"As an older woman, before joining Andy’s Gentle Yoga classes I had not participated in very much physical activity apart from daily walks.  I had always wanted to try yoga classes and when I saw his advertisement thought the time is right and I have not been disappointed.   Andy takes into account any stiffness of joints or injuries and he works with you to ease you into yoga poses.  At first I was nervous but was soon put at ease by his knowledge  of my physical limitations and now we can laugh together at my progress and I enjoy his classes very much.  After the physical side of the classes the relaxation sets me up for the rest of the day and I am all the better for it."  Faye, Radwinter, 2018


"I spend most of my work time sitting in front of a computer and had occasional tightness in my shoulders and back.  I am also a regular runner and do races from 5km to marathons. I run mainly for the enjoyment of being outside and the simplicity and sensation of traveling under my own steam. I like to set myself targets for improving my personal best times. As with most runners I have had injury problems with sore knees and ankles especially when trying to increase speed and weekly distance which stopped me just when I was starting to improve. My main problem was tight IT bands. I have worked on changing my running gait, in particular switching to minimal support shoes to allow a bare foot style and taking short steps. This allowed me to run much more without injury but I still had tight hamstrings and calves which I tried to keep in check with regular foam rolling.

I enjoy the calmness and good humour of the sessions. It is an opportunity to stop thinking about the stresses of work and family life and focus on just being, and being thankful. I find the movements and positions fun to do and I enjoy the kinesthetics of repeating them, trying to do them better each time. The instructions are clear. The ethos is low pressure, encouraging, but no stress if you find it hard. It is often hard work and challenging but at a level I can cope with after a day at work. I always leave feeling better, more flexible and ache free, if sometimes a little muscle sore from the workout. The sessions make it clear where I have muscle tightness or weakness so I know what I need to work on. This has helped me stay injury free when increasing my weekly running distance. I’ve achieved several personal best times since starting yoga including my long term goal of running a sub 3 hour marathon."  Iain, Saffron Walden, 2018


"I’d previously had limited experience of different forms of yoga and none combining yoga with chanting. Wow was I in for a treat! The whole experience of Andy’s session on the retreat in Koh Samui was incredible. The ambiance created by the music, voice and movement made me feel overwhelmingly in tune with my heart. The chanting helped me to release unwanted energy and ignited a sense of oneness within.  Andy’s session was an incredible experience, one which I’d truely recommend. Since the session with Andy I’ve listened to and sung along with chants everyday on my way to work- starts my day on a real high! :) A 5 star experience... totally recommended for all!   Katie, Reading 2018


"I attended Andy's event called cultivating meditation: a "how to" class last weekend.  It was amazing, as a complete newbie to the whole world of mindfulness/yoga/meditation I was anxious yet excited to try it out!

As soon as I arrived Andy made me and the other members of the class feel totally at ease and welcome. Andy showed us a variety of ways sit comfortably so we were ready for him to guide us through a selection of different types of meditation.  At first I was nervous and struggled to let go, this was because the first type was a mantra meditation and I have never chanted in my life!  After a few minutes I was relaxed and ready to join in, it was incredible! During and after each type of meditation Andy help us all explore our minds and observe everything that was going on in and around us.  By the time the session had ended my mind was refreshed, relaxed.  I now practice (nearly) everyday even if its just for 5 minutes, meditation is one of the best things I have ever explored in my life.  I 100% recommend his classes.  Cant wait to go back :D.  Thanks Andy" .  Ed, Thaxted, 2018.

"Before I started yoga with Andy I was suffering from big phases of anxiety followed by immense panic attacks, feeling uneasy in group situations, having a sense of waning confidence in physical fitness (due to plate fitted following a broken wrist in Feb/ plus serious sprains to foot in June) and being too introspective which prevented me from recognising feelings without becoming caught up in them. The wording in your add gave me positive vibes that you strongly set yourself to “serve” others rather than intimating that you have reach a place/level that we could only aspire to. The learning curve is not too steep as you are receptive and attentive to people situation, their level of fitness, physical abilities including any restrictions (demystifying notion that Yoga is only for “a certain type”). Your humour, interpersonal skills and endearing self-deprecation over your own ability/suppleness in certain poses is reassuring to us and make us less concerned about our own shortfalls. Your passion and knowledge of the discipline becomes contagious in making me want to understand the dichotomy of the physical and mental approach in yoga. Your approach has made me respectful of Yoga as I have better comprehended the discipline. The best result for me has been an improvement in posture and empowerment to breath so as to develop the ability to derail the devastating aspects of my anxiety and panic attacks, feeling better “anchored” through realising how much mindfulness changes your life." Violette, Saffron Walden, 2018

"Before starting Yoga I was feeling very uptight generally. Although I’m very good at stretching post running, it wasn’t quite doing the job! Also, I wasn’t giving my body and brain enough ‘relaxation time’. I felt apprehensive that I would be too inflexible to practice Yoga. The process of Working with Andy has been liberating. He has already taught me the it’s fine to be wherever I am at, it doesn’t matter that I need lots of blocks due to tight hamstrings! It has been very interesting to work with the principle of creating space for a movement, one which I have already carried over successfully to my running training. The best results, so far from working with Andy are; learning to be more present in the moment. Being in tune with my body and more in control of my breathing. The deep stretching on a Monday after a long Sunday run is heavenly! I’m so excited about adding these regular yoga sessions to my training - long over due!" Vashti, Haverhill, 2018

"Before starting our meditation sessions I wasn’t really making time for a sitting practice, I had a walking meditation practice only as I felt that was all I could fit in and I suppose I hadn’t really seen the need for more at that point. My only reservation was that I wouldn’t find time for my own practice... oh and that working 1 to 1 might expose my vulnerable side!  It has been a process of learning and growth, I’ve really appreciated the one to one experience- you’ve created an atmosphere of trust, compassion & respect Andy and it has been a priviledge to sit with you. I’ve really felt your support and learned to tap into a sense of my ‘true self’. " Jo, Yoga Teacher, Suffolk, 2018

"I Started with Kari's beginners course and various yoga open/flow classes but no experience of Jivamukti yoga before working with you, so was unsure what to expect.  No major reservations other than unsure as what to expect in a Jivamukti class, but your open and positive engagement right from the beginning when I introduced myself put my mind at rest. The first class was really interesting as you we completed most of the class with our eyes closed. I really enjoy your approach. You have a very calming nature, and whilst I am not an overly spiritual person I do gain value from the chanting/discussion at the beginning of the class, as it causes me to take time and reflect. Which is no bad thing. Thank you.  The one takeaway? Recognition that yoga is much more than a series of postures. "  Ian, Sawston, 2017

"Before I started yoga with you I took very little time to stop, breathe and relax and was always on the go and didn’t afford myself much time to chill.  The only reservations were that I hadn’t done any yoga for over 7/8years and was out of practice and that I find it difficult to slow down more often choosing intense workouts or exercise as a release.  It’s been a great balance for me  in both one to one sessions and group. You have helped me calm and breath and I like that you’re to the point about what you can do and how we can work together to achieve what I want from our practice.  The one best result?  Balance - physically and mentally."  Jemma, Saffron Walden, 2017

"Coming to your classes... it has been a process of personal growth and has expanded my circle of yoga friends and opened up the way to more experiences. I have gained both physical strength and inner strength. I love Jivamukti Yoga now! You have helped me to gain confidence and to look at the way I teach and it has changed the way I think and act. I think the best result is the confidence you have given me. I never thought I would ever be able to do strong asana and working with you has given me the confidence to have a go.  I have let go of a lot of ‘negativity’ in the process."  Deb, Huntingdon, 2017

"I love coming to your classes and they have taught me that breathing the right way is really important. Since you taught me how to breathe properly (although I don’t always get it right) I have had less anxious moments and really find it helps me with getting to sleep etc." Carolyn, Saffron Walden, 2017

"Simply put,  you put me back in my body. I breathe and you ground me. Huge stress relief at a very difficult time in my life."  Clare, Newport, 2017

"Fantastic practice by Andy, full of fun, positive energy, chanting, meditation, spirituality and more... highly recommended."  Asia, Cambridge, 2017

"Andy's classes always help make space for me to connect back to myself. The lightness and peaceful feeling I get after classes is amazing always." Ying, Cambridge, 2017

"I had the pleasure of attending a mindfulness meditation class with Andy at The Waterfront Yoga Festival in Buckden. What a treat, I've been practising yoga for a while, but meditation has always been a challenge for me. Andy's voice is so soothing (please record yourself reading bedtime stories Andy, I IMPLORE you!) and he was really able to simplify and break down the key elements of mindfulness into manageable chunks! I left feeling rejuvenated and psyched to try this take on meditation myself! Thank you Andy!" Rebecca, Cambridge, 2017

"Andy your class was fantastic, as it was spiritual and yet funky which you injected with your warm, fun personality and great music (I loved each track) and a great vibe. I loved that you explained Lokah Samastah to us and chanted. The asanas and breathing were well instructed and what I really loved was that you made it fun and I felt at total peace" . Debi - Yoga Garden Party, 2017

"I've known Andy for a few years, he has a wonderful kindness to students, a great sense of humour and a genuine care for all beings. Andy has a true talent for kirtan. He has led some great heart felt kirtan chants in his classes."  Ann, Cambridge, 2017

"Andy is simply inspirational. Just had a free online meditation session and feeling very energised and enlightened. Through 'softening' and using simple physical cues, I could quickly access a place of calmness and relaxation. Andy's benevolence comes across in his voice making the guidance even more powerful. He is truly a compassionate and knowledgeable teacher as well as a gifted healer - I feel uplifted and positive after only 15 minutes and am excited to share these wonderful techniques with my friends and the children I teach. Thanks you Andy! Love and Light :-) x" Siodhna, London, 2017

"I love Andy's classes. Each class is different and each month we work on different themes, aimed to improve us both physically and spiritually.  He makes us work hard, but we have fun too. My yoga practice has improved so much under Andy's guidance. He's the best Yogi I've ever worked with." Darren, Cambridge, 2017

"Andy has a strong yet graceful presence and always enjoy his passion and insights during yoga. Thank you 👌🏼" Jenny, Cambridge, 2017

"Love the group vibe and spirit of Andy's lovely Yoga and Kirtan classes. Andy's cultivates an atmosphere of fun and deep enquiry that I totally enjoy. A great connection exists amongst everyone at his classes and I would recommend them to all. Gratitude and love Andy... Shine brightly" John, Hitchin, 2017

"Andy's classes and workshops are filled with his deep knowledge of yoga. However, Andy's great sense of humour and down-to-earth approach makes this knowledge accessible and absorbable. Highly recommended for the seasoned yogi and beginner alike ✨🙏🏻✨" . Amanda, Haverhill, 2017

"Did a class with Andy at Yoga Connects festival this year. Such an uplifting and joyful experience! The class was well put together, the soundtrack was right up my street and Andy added some much needed humour to the practice! As always with Jiva, lots of singing and chanting at the end. Highly recommend!"  Lyndsey, Wales, 2017

"Thank you for the breathing exercises we did in Mondays class. I had a headache during the class that I'd had since Sunday night and by the end of the class it was gone 😊. They also really helped me yesterday with an intense day and work and very frustrating drive! Consciously breathing and being aware of the three stages makes such a difference!! " - Mary, Saffron Walden, Essex . 2017

"Being Content workshop at Great Chesterford.  Andy that was a wonderful work shop. Thank you. Thank you. I have taken so much great stuff from it. I particularly liked the gratitude part. And The magic 10 will be great to use." - Nikki, Saffron Walden, Essex, 2016

"Excellent way of being in the moment and to release some tension, specially in the shoulders" . Ana, Cambridge, 2016

"I take Andy's classes regularly at CamYoga and recently attended his Cultivating Gratitude workshop in Great Chesterford. I truly enjoy his classes. He is compassionate yet will challenge you to show up to your best. His soundtracks are always great and he spends a lot of time prepping for his classes, which are always meaningful. He is incredibly committed to his teaching and to his students. Thanks for being fantastic, Andy!" - Jessica, Cambridge, 2016

"Gorgeous, thoughtful classes. With the special treat of massage in savasana! X" - Zoe, Ely, 2016

"I’ve had one of my best Jivamukti classes with Andy.  He’s a beautiful, inspiring human being; his love for yoga and for life transpire into his teachings.  I’m very grateful to have met him.  Namaste" - Laura - Ely, 2016

"Andy teaches with passion and from the heart. Be prepared to work hard, in return you will get plenty of encouragement and a great sound track! I particularly like Andy’s choice of Mantras and he is great at hands on assists. You couldn’t ask for a better teacher." - Stephanie - Bury St Edmunds, 2016

"Andy is a compassionate and motivated Jivamukti yoga teacher. He is patient and kind and takes time to help and explain things clearly. I attend his regular classes and recently have attended his workshop on Cultivating Gratitude which was even more inspiring. I thoroughly recommend him as a teacher, you will not be disappointed! Namaste." - Debra - St Ives, 2016

"Love Andy's style of teaching, he has such a peaceful vibe, felt very relaxed but focussed and strong at the same time after his class, I enjoyed the massage also!!!" - Marta, Ely, 2016