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Chanting & The Sound of Yoga 10 Feb 19 - Storey's Field Centre, Cambridge

Chanting & The Sound of Yoga 10 Feb 19 - Storey's Field Centre, Cambridge


9.45am to 12.15pm 10 February 2019.

If you love chanting and want to explore this more deeply, including the neuroscience of singing in groups, voice opening work AND practice a extended Jivamukti Yoga class while chanting, then come to this Chanting and the Sound of Yoga workshop.

Singing and chanting have massive heart and health benefits - which is actually a key part of what the workshop covers - and there's a nice energising yoga class to help work through all the tension we can hold in our bodies. The goal is to foster a feeling of openness, happiness and contentedness during the session so that we all leave feeling lighter.

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Although there is limited parking directly outside the venue, as it’s a new development.

Details of how to find the venue if you are traveling by car and suggested places to park are below.

The workshop starts at 9.45am sharp and runs until 12.15pm.  The room (2) will be open from 9.30am and closed at 12.30pm. They run a tight ship at the venue and it’s a gorgeous space that we will all LOVE practicing in - I can promise you that.  Feel free to share any posts on social media afterwards. Photos and videos during the workshop are permitted (with no camera shutter sound), however NO filming or photos during the asana class (you should be practicing!).

Road Travel to the venue:

We encourage visitors to avoid travelling by car to the Storey’s Field Centre where possible as there is limited parking on site. We advise anyone driving to the Centre to park at Madingley Road Park and Ride, which is free (for up to 18 hours) and only a 5-10 minute walk away.

Parking charges in Eddington apply 8am-6pm Monday to Friday (including public holidays) and 10am-5pm Saturday to Sunday (including public holidays). The majority of spaces have a maximum stay of 2 hours and no return within 1 hour, there are some spaces on site with a maximum stay of 4 hours. There is disabled parking on site for Blue Badge holders (please note parking charges still apply).

Visitor parking information

Maps available to download:

Eddington map

Eddington Getting Here Map (Dec 17)

Universal Bus Timetable (Oct 18)

Storey’s Field Centre

Eddington Avenue

Cambridge CB3 1AA

Office: 01223 656696