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Cit Happens - Jivamukti Yoga Workshop: 9 Nov 19 - Radwinter Pavilion

Cit Happens - Jivamukti Yoga Workshop: 9 Nov 19 - Radwinter Pavilion


2-5pm at Radwinter Pavilion. Recreation Ground, Water Lane, Saffron Walden CB10 2TG

We all have habits and patterns that can both help and hinder us in life. Some habits serve us well and keep us functioning and safe, and some see us repeating the same old thoughts and experiences, and hold us back from really feeling happy and free.

In this Jivamukti Yoga workshop we will explore through creative sequencing, chanting and some self reflection work, how we can work to create new patterns and habits to replace the ones that aren’t helping us. Create new programs. Rather than fighting against what we don't want we will work to create more of what we do want instead. It's powerful stuff!

We will learn how to move forwards and beyond our habits. Yoga practices and philosophy really come into their own by offering us fresh perspectives and tools to learn new ways of approaching our lives.

Set in the gorgeous rural surrounds of Radwinter Pavilion, this Saturday afternoon session is perfect for you if you are looking to live an inspired life and find new ways to bring in more contentment.

Citta could be said to be the individual life field, normally defined by, but not limited to the parameters of the physical body. It consists of the purest and subtlest form of matter/energy. Often referred to as consciousness, or ‘being-ness’. Citta is programmable. It behaves in whatever way it is programmed or habituated to to behave. If it is not consciously directed it will conform to the activites (vrtti) that have shaped it in the past. This is very much like a default selection. Changes in citta are programmed by habits; physical habits, mental habits, sensory habits — all of which create repetitive patterns of experience, some pleasurable, some painful, but all contributing to a limited sense of self (citta being confined to the definition of the body).

Nirodha is the force that continuously purifies citta. Nirodha is the new program for citta, that prevents the old from operating and reestablishing itself.

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Venue address:

Radwinter Pavilion, Recreation Ground, Water Lane, Saffron Walden CB10 2TG