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One-to-One, Group & Workplace Yoga

One-to-One, Group & Workplace Yoga


Private Tuition

  • These classes can be in person or via the internet, depending on your location and would need to be during the day due to my existing evening teaching schedule.

  • Some of the reasons One-to-ones are perfect: if you are looking to develop your practice; or if you work late; work from home; would prefer not to come to a public class; having varied work hours; or are unable to get childcare.

  • One-to-ones take place in your home (or online) at a time that's mutually agreed.

  • One-to-ones feature individually tailored programs, including homework exercises and plans (without a regular practice improvement will be very slow) to help you meet your goals.

  • One-to-Ones are purchased in advance.

  • Subject to very limited availability


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Small Group Private Tuition

  • Group private classes are small groups (usually no more than 5 people) - again, usually at the home of one of the students, or a mutually agreed venue (as an example, I've used village halls also for group private tuition which tend to be very affordable for a 75 minute session) and would need to be during the day due to my existing evening teaching schedule..

  • Group privates are ideally suited for friends/family members who want to practice together privately and share the cost of regular private tuition to make it more affordable.

  • Group tuition can also be done online if you are geographically spread and want to, say, for example, share a meditation class together once a week.

  • Subject to very limited availability


Yoga in the Workplace

With over 20 years' experience of working in the corporate world, I am well-placed to understand the challenges faced by busy, target-driven businesses and the stresses and strains experienced by the employees.  Maintaining an evenness of mind and positive, focused outlook is important in these times and a regular yoga practice provides tangible benefits.  

I also offer in-the-workplace yoga and meditation classes (I'm happy to devise courses and programmes depending on your business's needs), which from my 20 years of corporate and corporate management experience, I know are much needed! 

  • If your business is interested, I would encourage a telephone or face-to-face meeting to discuss your needs and how I can help you meet them.

  • A calm, motivated, positive, productive workplace is the goal of workplace yoga

Workplace Yoga in the Press..

From The Observer (UK) , 22 July 2017: Yoga in the office? Firms should help us stay well, says public health chief by Dennis Campbell - Health Policy Editor.