Jivamukti Yoga & Meditation in Essex, Cambs, Herts, London - UK

How I Can Help You

How I can help you..

 photo:  Adam Husler , Bulgaria, 2017.

photo: Adam Husler, Bulgaria, 2017.


It's pretty simple.  I'm here to help you.

If you feel anxious, or like you have no 'you' time, overwhelmed, unfit, flat, then I can definitely help because my journey and life experience has been just that.  Through yoga, coaching, mentoring and many other methodologies which first helped me and now which I incorporate into my teaching I have found a way of teaching which comes from a place of love and has the intention to empower you to uncover the magic that is already within you.   

My skill is to work with people of all ages, shapes, sizes, abilities and to help them feel more calm, centred and grounded with yoga.  What's key for me is being able to build a relationship with students over time - I'm not a 'quick fix' fan, as yoga isn't a quick fix. 

But like everyone you meet, I'm honest enough to understand that my style may not suit everyone, which is why I offer you a free opportunity to work with me first so that we can both decide if it's a good fit.