Photograph © 2016 Andy Nathan, Svadhyaya Yoga

Photograph June 2016: Andrae Love

Yoga saved my life: three people share their stories

In celebration of World Yoga Day this week, we talked to three people about how it helped them overcome difficulties

Read the recent article featured in The Guardian for International Yoga Day (21 June 2016) HERE;


How you could benefit from a regular yoga practice..

  • learn how to calm the mind

  • find new ways to become grounded

  • reconnect your heart and your mind

  • feel more relaxed

  • open up and discover your self confidence

  • develop flexibility in the mind and body

  • become more equipoised throughout the ups and downs of life

  • learn to let go of limiting beliefs and habitual patterns which hold you back

  • discover how strong you are; your inner resolve and physical strength

  • find more inspiration in your own life

  • see all the infinite potential within