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Success Stories

success stories

Udaya Live 2017 w Brett Moran

This selection of Success Stories from students has been taken from my FACEBOOK page.

"Andy's classes always help make space for me to connect back to myself. The lightness and peaceful feeling I get after classes is amazing always." Ying, Cambridge, 2017

"I had the pleasure of attending a mindfulness meditation class with Andy at The Waterfront Yoga Festival in Buckden. What a treat, I've been practising yoga for a while, but meditation has always been a challenge for me. Andy's voice is so soothing (please record yourself reading bedtime stories Andy, I IMPLORE you!) and he was really able to simplify and break down the key elements of mindfulness into manageable chunks! I left feeling rejuvenated and psyched to try this take on meditation myself! Thank you Andy!" Rebecca, Cambridge, 2017

"Andy your class was fantastic, as it was spiritual and yet funky which you injected with your warm, fun personality and great music (I loved each track) and a great vibe. I loved that you explained Lokah Samastah to us and chanted. The asanas and breathing were well instructed and what I really loved was that you made it fun and I felt at total peace" . Debi - Yoga Garden Party, 2017

"I've known Andy for a few years, he has a wonderful kindness to students, a great sense of humour and a genuine care for all beings. Andy has a true talent for kirtan. He has led some great heart felt kirtan chants in his classes."  Ann, Cambridge, 2017

"Andy is simply inspirational. Just had a free online meditation session and feeling very energised and enlightened. Through 'softening' and using simple physical cues, I could quickly access a place of calmness and relaxation. Andy's benevolence comes across in his voice making the guidance even more powerful. He is truly a compassionate and knowledgeable teacher as well as a gifted healer - I feel uplifted and positive after only 15 minutes and am excited to share these wonderful techniques with my friends and the children I teach. Thanks you Andy! Love and Light :-) x" Siodhna, London, 2017

"I love Andy's classes. Each class is different and each month we work on different themes, aimed to improve us both physically and spiritually.  He makes us work hard, but we have fun too. My yoga practice has improved so much under Andy's guidance. He's the best Yogi I've ever worked with." Darren, Cambridge, 2017

"Andy has a strong yet graceful presence and always enjoy his passion and insights during yoga. Thank you 👌🏼" Jenny, Cambridge, 2017

"Love the group vibe and spirit of Andy's lovely Yoga and Kirtan classes. Andy's cultivates an atmosphere of fun and deep enquiry that I totally enjoy. A great connection exists amongst everyone at his classes and I would recommend them to all. Gratitude and love Andy... Shine brightly" John, Hitchin, 2017

"Andy's classes and workshops are filled with his deep knowledge of yoga. However, Andy's great sense of humour and down-to-earth approach makes this knowledge accessible and absorbable. Highly recommended for the seasoned yogi and beginner alike ✨🙏🏻✨" . Amanda, Haverhill, 2017

"Did a class with Andy at Yoga Connects festival this year. Such an uplifting and joyful experience! The class was well put together, the soundtrack was right up my street and Andy added some much needed humour to the practice! As always with Jiva, lots of singing and chanting at the end. Highly recommend!"  Lyndsey, Wales, 2017

"Thank you for the breathing exercises we did in Mondays class. I had a headache during the class that I'd had since Sunday night and by the end of the class it was gone 😊. They also really helped me yesterday with an intense day and work and very frustrating drive! Consciously breathing and being aware of the three stages makes such a difference!! " - Mary, Saffron Walden, Essex . 2017

"Being Content workshop at Great Chesterford.  Andy that was a wonderful work shop. Thank you. Thank you. I have taken so much great stuff from it. I particularly liked the gratitude part. And The magic 10 will be great to use." - Nikki, Saffron Walden, Essex, 2016

"Excellent way of being in the moment and to release some tension, specially in the shoulders" . Ana, Cambridge, 2016

"I take Andy's classes regularly at CamYoga and recently attended his Cultivating Gratitude workshop in Great Chesterford. I truly enjoy his classes. He is compassionate yet will challenge you to show up to your best. His soundtracks are always great and he spends a lot of time prepping for his classes, which are always meaningful. He is incredibly committed to his teaching and to his students. Thanks for being fantastic, Andy!" - Jessica, Cambridge, 2016

"Gorgeous, thoughtful classes. With the special treat of massage in savasana! X" - Zoe, Ely, 2016

"I’ve had one of my best Jivamukti classes with Andy.  He’s a beautiful, inspiring human being; his love for yoga and for life transpire into his teachings.  I’m very grateful to have met him.  Namaste" - Laura - Ely, 2016

"Andy teaches with passion and from the heart. Be prepared to work hard, in return you will get plenty of encouragement and a great sound track! I particularly like Andy’s choice of Mantras and he is great at hands on assists. You couldn’t ask for a better teacher." - Stephanie - Bury St Edmunds, 2016

"Andy is a compassionate and motivated Jivamukti yoga teacher. He is patient and kind and takes time to help and explain things clearly. I attend his regular classes and recently have attended his workshop on Cultivating Gratitude which was even more inspiring. I thoroughly recommend him as a teacher, you will not be disappointed! Namaste." - Debra - St Ives, 2016

"Love Andy's style of teaching, he has such a peaceful vibe, felt very relaxed but focussed and strong at the same time after his class, I enjoyed the massage also!!!" - Marta, Ely, 2016

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