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About Me


want to feel more like you?

Would you love to feel more calm and less overwhelmed?  Want to feel more energetic? Looking for a way to reduce stress at work?  Fed up with aches and pain limiting your fitness?   THEN I CAN HELP YOU.

Find out why my regular students keep coming back and feel so good. And note - they are real people, not super yogis who do the splits on the way to the office!   See the Success Stories Page for reviews. 

I can help you feel like YOU again!

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The classes I teach come from my life experience and years of yoga practice. I focus on creating a space which is relaxed, informal, fun and offer clear instructions for how you can gain the most benefit from yoga practices. I have experience of teaching individuals, small groups, classes, workshops, retreats, online courses and large scale yoga festivals.  I'm here to help you feel more like YOU.

Over the years I have also studied Buddhist meditation, mindfulness and Tai Chi. My background before yoga was desk-bound for many years so I'm well-versed with the 'not being flexible enough' thing.

You focus on listening to your body, making a connection with your breath and exploring your experiences.  I love seeing how these practices enable you to open up, express yourself, enjoy happiness. be yourself and achieve what you want.

Take a look at the Classes tab to see the different classes available to you that I teach. 

Even my cats - Connie and Mo practice yoga...

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What if I can't get to one of your public classes: because I commute; work late; can't get childcare; prefer not to come to a public class?

I offer individual one-to-one tuition, and small group tuition. Why not arrange your FREE 20 minute telephone consultation to discuss and ask any questions you may have? *complete the form at the bottom of the page to arrange..

What is the difference between an individual one-to-one or a group private class?

One-to-ones are perfect if you work late, work from home, would prefer not to come to a public class, or are unable to get childcare.  

One-to-ones take place in your home at a time that's mutually agreed.

One-to-ones feature individually tailored programs, including homework exercises and plans (without a regular practice improvement will be very slow) to help you meet your goals.

Group private classes are small groups (usually no more than 3 people) - again, usually at the home of one of the students.

Group privates are ideally suited for 2 or 3 friends/family members who want to practice together privately and share the cost of regular private tuition to make it more affordable.

Can I just do a one-off one-to-one/ I'm not sure I can commit to coming regularly?

I would always recommend us talking on the telephone first (if we don't already know one another) to make sure we feel this is a good fit and to discuss your goals and needs.  

What I would say is that if you want to see progress (example; if your goals are flexibility, strength and peace of mind), that regular work together is essential to see benefits in the short, medium and long term in your daily life.  Depending on availability I have one-to-one students that I work with weekly, two-weekly and monthly.  

What if I don't live/work close to you?

I offer online Skype/Facetime one-to-ones, which have proven beneficial to a number of students.  My experience is that this connection for tuition is highly effective. See the Success Stories Page for details.

My employer/business is interested in staff well-being and they/we could be interested in yoga or meditation in the workplace - any advice?

I also offer in-the-workplace yoga and meditation courses, which from my 20 years of corporate and corporate management experience, I know are much needed! 

If your business is in Saffron Walden, I would encourage a telephone or face-to-face meeting to discuss your needs and how I can help you meet them.