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My sole vision is presenting yoga practices that are accessible to all.  To inspire and uplift students to live inspired lives.

The classes I teach are very much influenced by my life experience and years of yoga practice.  My intention is to teach yoga practices, and at the same time, inspire and uplift students.

Over the years I have also studied Buddhist meditation, mindfulness and Tai Chi. My background before yoga was desk-bound for many years so I'm well-versed with the 'not being flexible enough' thing.

My ethos is to create a safe space for you to let go of the busyness and stresses of your life - without judgement.  You focus on listening to your body, making a connection with your breath and exploring your experiences.  

However, the real magic is the deep connection that builds between us.  I love seeing how these practices enable you to open up, express yourself, enjoy happiness. be yourself and achieve what you want.

Take a look at the Classes tab to see the different classes available to you that I teach.  I do offer individual one-to-one, and group one-to-ones packages.  I am also offer online skype/facetime one-to-ones, which have proven beneficial to a number of clients and they really do enhance our mental and emotional happiness (so geography need not be a boundary to our connecting). 

And if you want me to work with your business I also offer corporate wellness programs, which from my 20 years of corporate and corporate management experience I know to be effective.

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